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How to Choose a Diamond - Harry Ritchie's Jewelers can help!

Hey guys – need help with picking a diamond or popping the question? Harry Ritchie's can help! The world's most romantic jewelry store can help you pick the right diamond, show you how to propose with flair and give you ideas for any special occasion! For starters, here's the straight scoop on choosing a diamond....

1 carat is 100 points, so 50 points is a ½ carat. And while size is important in determining the value of a diamond – cut, color and clarity are also very important.

You can choose from flawless diamonds, and 3 grades of imperfect diamonds – plus everything in between – depending on your budget. Clarity can effect the brilliance and beauty of your diamond, and also effects the price.

While most diamonds appear white, slight differences can range from faint yellow, to blue and pink, and even colorless,. Color can be a matter of taste, but also a matter of value.

The cut of a diamond determines the depth and sparkle. Whether you choose a round, emerald-cut, marquise, or princess cut- it's important to look at the depth of facets and brilliance created.

Examine your diamond, and buy with your eyes – not your ears. Look for the 4 C's and choose a diamond that will deliver lasting value.